Company History

In 1963, KOM International was founded by Mr. Sydney Kom with the vision to help North American retail grocery firms achieve warehousing operations excellence. For over 60 years, the firm has evolved to provide a full suite of supply chain, logistics and warehouse consultant services to companies across a wide range of industrial sectors and global markets. To this day, KOM International maintains its leadership position in logistics consulting to the Grocery trade through a highly specialized practice specific to food-related industries.

During the 1960's, Mr. Sydney Kom worked with Mr. Terry Perks to steadily build the firm's consulting practice. During this time, KOM International was responsible for the development of many leading-edge logistics concepts that remain in practice with today's most efficient retailers. As the years progressed and the partnership expanded, the firm added new core competencies, expertise in other industries and opened new offices in global markets.

Today, KOM International maintains its reputation as the most experienced, forward-thinking and specialized logistics and industrial engineering consulting firm in the industry. The firm's specialized services provide significant financial and customer service benefits to companies as small as $50 million to as large as $200 billion in sales across the manufacturing, wholesale and retail industry sectors.