Our Mission

At KOM International our goal is to empower our clients to be leaders in their industry by discovering and implementing logistics operations improvements that enable world-class customer service and increased profits. Our goal is simple but powerful: to transform our clients' supply chains and to provide them with a significant competitive advantage.

Throughout the years, KOM International's approach to supply chain and warehouse consulting has been successful due to our focused mission:

Establish lasting ties with our clients by providing and implementing experience and practical advice, provide our employees with professional satisfaction and a promising career.

Our mission is based on one basic principle: The success of our clients is the passion that drives our dedicated team of professionals to deliver results that exceed client expectations.

To ensure our clients and our firm are successful, KOM International has always adhered to a code of conduct based on several basic principles:

  • KOM International shall always provide unbiased advice to best serve our clients' interests
  • KOM International shall implement our recommendations to ensure that our client's business benefits are fully achieved
  • KOM International shall always maintain the strictest code of ethics and confidentiality of client information
  • KOM International shall consider a mandate complete only if our client is completely satisfied with the results
  • KOM International is dedicated to furthering the awareness of industry knowledge, technological innovations, and best practices to improve our client's operations
  • KOM International employees are the company's greatest asset and the firm is dedicated to providing a respectful working environment that provides resources and opportunities to employees for continuous growth and development
  • KOM International is an equal opportunity employer