Consulting Services Overview

Gain the Competitive Advantage Through Logistics

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KOM International is a professional warehouse consulting firm that provides supply chain and logistics experience to clients in many industry sectors.

KOM International provides the following supply chain, logistics and warehouse consultant services and expertise:

  • Optimization of distribution / supply chain networks.
  • Evaluating the optimal number, location, size and type of facilities to provide customers with desired service levels at the least cost.
  • Evaluating the supply chain product and information flows to identify opportunities to reduce inventory, improve service and reduce cost.
  • Evaluating internal distribution center operations to identify where improvements exist.
  • Implementation of recommendations to achieve identified targets.
  • Design and layout of new distribution centers, facility expansions and materials handling systems to meet the needs of your customer-specific business requirements.
  • Thorough analysis of current logistics strategies, determining real costs, and then implementing changes to gain improvements.
  • Developing guidelines for equipment suppliers, support service providers and systems developers - and then managing the bidding process in full consultation with the client.
  • Architecture and engineering construction project coordination
  • Providing ongoing efficiency analysis and benchmarking
  • Determining how your firm can improve productivity and efficiency and in which areas, based on experience and benchmarking
  • Establishing standardized procedures, training systems support and performance measurement
  • Evaluating opportunities to reduce inventory levels and simultaneously increase fill rates
  • Taking advantage of the most recent technologies to scientifically perform demand planning
  • Taking advantage of the most recent technologies to scientifically manage transportation shipments through LTL carriers, small package carriers and/or your own private fleet
  • Evaluating your transportation budgets and operations to identify cost reduction and service improvement opportunities
  • To assist in the evaluation and selection in computerized systems such as TMS, dynamic routing, onboard tracking systems, GPS, etc.