Transportation and Fleet Management

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Managing the transportation operation is a critical aspect of successful logistics operation. The ability to consistently deliver products on time, at the right price, with the right quality directly impacts the customer's perception of service. If a third party carrier performs the delivery resulting in a delay or loss of product, the customer service disruption is attributed to your service.

Whether your company ships products through LTL, small package carriers or via a private fleet or combination thereof, the chances are that the transportation operation plays a critical role in the customer service experience. Effectively managing a transportation operation begins with an assessment of customer satisfaction with the current operation. Is on-time service an issue? What is the quality of the product upon arrival at the customer site? Is the driver courteous and friendly? Has the shipment been tampered with? Within the answers to these questions and many more, lay the foundation to determining the necessary changes required to improve transportation service and cost of operations.

KOM International has been working with companies for 50 years to improve transportation operations. KOM's services include:

  • Benchmarking of transportation costs against industry-specific standards to recommend areas of opportunities to reduce operating costs.
  • Evaluation and implementation of new technologies such as shipment manifesting systems, transportation management systems, dynamic routing systems, etc. to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Customer service surveys.
  • Transportation history analysis to identify if alternate carriers for specific shipping lanes should be evaluated to reduce costs.
  • Improved integration of transportation-related technologies to other computer support systems.