Evaluating Distribution Operations to Improve Service and Efficiency

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When a distribution center experiences consistent difficulties in achieving service level objectives or operating budget targets, it may be worth considering a qualified consultant to assess the situation and make recommendations. Rather than making quick decisions to change people or processes, an operations audit provides a methodical approach to assessing the impediments to success.

KOM InternationalĀ“s approach to operational audits is to evaluate all aspects of a company's operations, including all front and back office operations. The results are a holistic overview of the business that enables order of magnitude improvements rather than incremental change. All findings are published in the form of a final report and presentation to the senior management team. All recommendations are quantified in terms of cost benefits. The goal is to provide management with a list of real action items that can be scheduled and prioritized.

The benefits to hiring KOM International to conduct an on-site operational audit are as follows:

  • Qualified professional experience in evaluating all aspects of the distribution enterprise
  • A nonpolitical entity with no hidden agenda
  • 100% focus on improving service levels and efficiency across the enterprise rather than within one functional area of the business
  • Insight into how other "best practice" operations have resolved similar operating issues
  • Ability to recognize when key performance indicators are out of line and what the targets should be
  • Results oriented findings that quantify all cost benefits in an action-oriented and prioritized schedule of activities for management to execute

KOM International's operational audits are guaranteed to yield real business improvements that are achievable in short duration. Many firms hire KOM International periodically because the benefits of this program far outweigh the costs.