From the Desk of the President

Allan Kohl

Allan Kohl, President and Chief Executive Officer

KOM International provides supply chain and warehouse consulting expertise across such areas as distribution strategies; network design; facility design; facility re-engineering; detailed planning, implementation and change management; software evaluation, selection and implementation and disaster recovery planning.

We take pride in our uninterrupted and successful 52 year track record and would welcome the opportunity to explore how KOM could assist your firm convert today’s supply chain challenges into opportunities.

The KOM team collaborates with your managers to identify and implement the best possible solution within the often conflicting constraints of labor resources, financial budgets and new technologies.

Our founder, Sydney Kom, believed that the client's needs should always come first and our advice should be in their best interests and totally impartial to supplier relationships.

This philosophy is still apparent today in the dedication of our staff, the quality of our work, and the loyalty of our past clients.

Improved service levels, reduced operations costs, and increased competitive advantage through world-class supply chain operations are the results our clients have come to expect from the projects we undertake with them.

I invite you to contact us today to discuss how our expertise can be put to work for you.