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KOM International on “AGILE Network Design & Strategy”

MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada, May 4, 2016 – KOM International Inc., a global leader in supply chain consulting released its newest white paper today entitled AGILE Network Design and Strategy: A Battle Tested Process to Overcome the Shortcomings of Supply Chain Design Software When Applied on Distribution Networks. This white paper is an authoritative review of the limitations of supply chain design software for distributors and the state of the art advances available with the company’s AGILE network analysis solution.

When asked about identifying the ideal network modeling process for any given operation Mr. Vincent Canonico, Senior Partner at KOM International provides the following guidance. “A comprehensive modelling process developed and proven in real world network applications is the key to producing excellent and actionable results in this arena; with a modeling process that simultaneously addresses network design, DC design, and storage & materials handling system design.” Vincent adds that “the process must also provide clear and quantified management decision metrics to ensure a timely implementation approval that maximizes benefits.”

AGILE network analysis is a complex and rigorous solution successfully used by major distributors to model and analyze all the variables and solutions that should be considered to arrive at strategies for facility upgrades, impacts of alternative growth scenarios and the network solution to ensure a competitive and cost efficient strategy for the short, intermediate and long term.

Vincent Canonico, B. Eng., MBA, is a 20-year logistics consulting veteran. In addition to his role as Senior Partner with KOM International Vincent is also President and Founder of Authentis, an affiliate of KOM International. Authentis is a boutique consulting firm that developed the AGILE solution. Beginning in 2003, Vincent has enjoyed collaborating with a growing team of data scientists and programmers on complex and exciting distribution network projects.

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